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I blog from the heart AKA whatever the fuck I feel like :p. + I follow back & love u always....Enjoy ;). <3 <3

I’ve decided I will “retire” permanently from tumblr…..tumblr has been a crutch for me for almost 3 years now and has really meant a lot to me but lately I just haven’t been feeling like putting much energy into it anymore….I might use it to look up random pictures sometimes but I don’t see myself posting anymore….I will leave it here as kind of a reminder of the past. I hope things get better for me and I am so thankful to those who acted like they cared about me and did/do care about me here and were sweet with me…I met a lot of really great people here and also a few really horrible people but the good out weighs the bad for sure. Anyone who cares to stay in contact with me I will continue to answer any messages I get here I have a few really sweet people who send me messages or you could add me on facebook or ask for my email. I have spent a long time trying to use this as my outlet for my depression, anxiety, transgender feelings, etc. some people were really positive others not but I am thankful for the positive remarks and messages. I really need to be able to have my future soon with Ingrid and I hope I can get a job and move on while still being myself in terms of appearance/expression. I hope my depression/anxiety eventually gets healed. I’ve found it harder and harder to trust people outside of my inner circle and I’ve found myself kind of being more private I gave a lot of myself to people who took advantage of that. Anyway I’m rambling and probably only a small % of u care but anyway goodbye tumblr. Thank u for all of the good times I had here. :’). I wish u all the best &lt;3. 
Heres my fb: https://www.facebook.com/joshua.styers
 &amp; please do what the picture says and maybe this world will get better for all of us.
i really hope 2b this happy one day {soon} and i want to look like her too haha.
i just want our future, i want things to get better and the worrying to stop. i want us to finally begin our time. i miss u in my arms :(…..this whole horrible world &amp; life would be worth it if u were here with me. &lt;3.
Merry Christmas errrybody. i got uggs :p, chocolate, and a titi marie &lt;3 :p.
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Merry Christmas everyone! ^ 3^ ♥


*sniffs air*
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these are the results i got on this site seems both satan and hitler are on the nice list this year :p.
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"That magical feeling on Christmas Eve"
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if only santa really looked like this.

how do u know he doesnt? :p.

He’s making a list….and you’re all Naughty!!!!!
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