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My Unusual Experiences 1

Seeing the Spirit of Possibly My Grandpa

Shortly after my Grandpa died I spent the night with my Grandma sometimes. I was about 16 or 17 at the time and was sleeping in the bed my Grandpa used to before he had passed away. I believe this was the first time I had or one of the first times but anyway I had went to bed and was laying on my side when I felt this strange sensation through me. It was like that of a strong vibration running through my body. I turned over and everything went black down the hallway across from my bed. It was growing dimmer and dimmer until I saw this bright light. I made out the shape of a body as if it was a person there at the end of it. I turned away thinking I was dying and not sure what was happening in general. When I turned back whatever it was had left. I ran to get my digital camera and below I have posted the picture that resulted. I took many pics but this first one is the only one that turned out this way. There is an orb and an arrow in the wall that points to the direction of the house my Grandpa died in. 

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